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Answers To Your Mold Questions

How Much and What Types of Mold’s are Acceptable In-Doors.

In Air Sample Analysis, The Answer is, The same (Genus) Type and Level (Volume) of Mold Found Outside. NOTE: If No Visible Mold is Present.

Does Mold require Water to Grow or will Moisture/ Humidity Do?


Answer Moisture, Humidity, Condensation, Dew point And Water can all produce Mold. Mold Testing Will Answer your Mold Questions about Black Mold

What Is The Most Common type of Mold and Can It Be Toxic?


Answer Aspergillus/ Penicillium-like Mold, And YES Many of the Mycotoxin producing Mold are Aspergillus and Penicillium Mold and Are Not Black in Many Cases. Mold Testing and Assessment can Answer ALL Your Mold Questions.

When Does Mold Grow Faster, in Winter or Summer?

Answer,  Mold grows fastest between 5 and 50 degrees on surfaces but aerosols faster when surfaces dry. Mold testing,  Surface and Air Samples will Answer your Mold questions About Genus and Black Mold.

Can You Remove Mold From Drywall by Painting or with Bleach?


Answer Never Paint Mold without First Removing it , Affected Drywall Must be Removed and NEVER Use Bleach! A Visual Assessment and Mold Testing will Answer All your Mold Questions and Help determine Which Substrates Can Be  Cleaned and which Must Be Removed.

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